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PTLI IGNITES collaborative advancement to transform the health of society. 



Our mission is to provide LEADERSHIP and advocacy to challenge the status quo and drive innovation in physical therapy education, research, and practice.



  • Foster innovation within educational enterprises across the continuum of the profession

  • Promote collaboration to transform innovative ideas into action

  • Encourage leadership development that motivates dynamic change in academics and practice

  • Support translation of scholarship of teaching, learning and assessment into best practices

  • Advocate for the advancement in education to expand value and influence change

  • Find ways to be visible and influential in a variety of circles

  • Insist on inclusiveness in all that we are.



PTLI board members function as:

  • INNOVATORS: Foster dialogue that brings diverse people with differing viewpoints together to facilitate positive changes in education research and practice.

  • ENABLERS: Question, challenge and facilitate purposeful transformative change in academic physical therapy.

  • COLLABORATORS: Engage in circles whose initiatives align with the PTLI mission and vision.

  • INFLUENCERS: Create opportunities for networking of individuals, groups, and organizations invested in academic physical therapy.

  • ADVOCATES: Build a community that values the dimensions of diversity, equity, inclusion.

  • MENTORS: Provide guidance to develop future educational leaders.

  • IGNITERS: Design forums as incubators to spark future action.

  • MOTIVATORS: Create value propositions during interactions that can orchestrate mechanisms to effect change.

  • FRIENDS: Share ideas with each other in a judgment free zone that can IGNITE innovation.


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