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Annual Disruptive Innovation in Physical Therapist Education Virtual Summit

The Disruptive Innovation in Physical Therapist Education Virtual Summit is hosted annually by the Physical Therapy Learning Institute (PTLI) featuring overarching themes critical to innovation.  The American Physical Therapy Association’s vision for the profession includes (in part) ‘transforming society.’ For decades, there has been robust and ongoing discussion related to excellence in physical therapist education. Conversations around the return on investment (ROI) for education in the profession; post-professional education (residency/fellowship training); workforce issues; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I); and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic have escalated and required institutional action to reimagine physical therapist education. The time for change has arrived.

The Virtual Summit is intended to:

  • Stimulate deep conversation and foster action among the invited attendees to address both anticipated and unexpected opportunities for change in physical therapist education.

  • Represent a wide variety of physical therapist education programs from across the country.

  • Encourage responses to the Summit experience.

At each Summit, 100 attendees are invited to join the 2-day summit featuring a keynote address and moderated panels of facilitated conversation around the overarching themes. Outcomes of these discussions could result in a call-to-action, a white paper, or some other form of formal or informal dissemination.

Previously Featured Summit Themes:

  • Curricular Bloat and Unwarranted Variability: Now is the Time for Curricular Reform

  • Are We Really Educating PTs to Transform Society?

  • Reimagining Physical Therapist Education

Please contact Summit Organizers Karen Abraham at or Greg Hartley at

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