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Board Members
PTLI Board Member_Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese Oct 22.jpeg

Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese, PT, EdD, FNAP

Current Employment/Position:

Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Director, Performing Arts Fellowship and Associate Professor of Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine (Physical Therapy), Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Provost’s Senior Faculty Teaching Scholar

Columbia University, New York, NY

Professional Service Activities:

Vice President of Membership, National Academies of Practice

President, Performing Arts Special Interest Group (PASIG), American Physical Therapy Association Academy of Orthopedics

Teaching Faculty, Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, APTA Geriatrics

Chair, Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce, National Academies of Practice

Member-At Large, Executive Committee, Physical Therapy Academy, National Academies of Practice

Forum Planning Committee, National Academies of Practice

Professional Advisory Board, Five P Minus Society

Post-Summit Task Force, ACAPT National Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Commission

Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC), Anti-Racist Transformation (ART) in Medical Education, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, CUIMC

"I am eager to serve the PTLI Board with bravery and humility. It is exciting to be joining a group of diverse, powerful and enthusiastic leaders committed to challenging the status quo and transforming physical therapy education."


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Ka

Karen Abraham, PT, PhD

Current Employment/Position:

Professor and Dean, School of Health Professions, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA

Professional Service Activities:

Education Leadership Institute Fellowship Work Group

Associate Editor, Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Clinical Practice Guideline Author, Postpartum Pelvic Girdle Pain

Volunteer, Sinclair Health Clinic, Winchester, VA

"I am inspired to contribute to PTLI because I believe in the vision of the organization to challenge the status quo and ignite change within physical therapy education, research, and practice.  I am humbled to be a part of this group of forward thinking, collaborative, and inclusive individuals.  I look forward to working with this influential group of leaders to ensure that our graduates are prepared to practice in the ever-changing health care landscape and are recognized for their unique skills and abilities."


PTLI Board Member Photo for Website_Pete

Peter Altenburger, PT, PhD

Current Employment/Position:

Indiana University/Associate Professor & Chair

Professional Service Activities:

Indiana Chapter Legislative Committee

Indiana Chapter Continuing Education Committee

ACAPT Educational Excellence Benchmark Taskforce Chair

ACAPT Board of Directors

APTA Robotics Workgroup


"Throughout my professional career as both a clinician and educator, I have been driven by a desire to always improve upon my leadership skills and resulting outcomes. As a program administrator, I have implemented a similar approach seeking to create an educational culture of leadership through collaborative innovation. I found this philosophy to be in direct alignment with the mission and vision of the Physical Therapy Learning Institute (PTLI). As part of this amazing group of visionaries, it is my hope to contribute by helping to foster innovation and leadership for the advancement of physical therapy education."


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Ma

Mary Tischio Blackinton PT, EdD

Current Employment/Position:

Director of enTandem DPT Program, Rehab Essentials

Professional Service Activities:

Board Member for the American Council on Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT)

Co-founder and Co-Chair of the Health Professions Educational Research Symposium (HPERS) at Nova Southeastern University

Co-founder of Interdisciplinary Balance and Fall Prevention Clinic

Past Chair of the ELC Programming Committee for ACAPT

Prior delegate SE District of FPTA

Past Chair FPTA Research Committee.

"Out of all the functions of a PTLI Board member, I see myself as an innovator and collaborator. Innovation is a form of problem-solving where I can apply knowledge and available evidence creatively. I have done this throughout my 25 years as an educator, developing an interdisciplinary fall prevention team, founding an educational research conference, creating a neurologic boot camp that benefits patients with chronic neurologic disorders, and creating/implementing a fully blended DPT program. In PTLI, we have the opportunity to use innovation to enhance educational outcomes and PT practice.

The second function is that of collaborator. Having grown up one of 7 children, I learned early in life to embrace our differences and work together for a common good. My clinical experience in geriatric and neurologic rehab also strongly influenced my belief that collaboration is essential for individual and collective growth of teams, organizations, and the PT profession. Collaboration requires openness, commitment, integrity, and the ability to compromise – all of which are central to how I function."


William Boissonault - board member.jpg

William Boissonnault, PT, DPT, DHSc, FAAOMPT, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Adjunct Faculty at multiple universities teaching differential diagnosis and medical screening

Professional Service Activities:

Trustee, Foundation for Physical Therapy Research (2006-2014), President (2009-2014)

Delegate, APTA House of Delegates (Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy 1996-2000; Wisconsin Chapter 2000-2008)

President, Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (1995-2001)

Board Member, Journal of Orthopaedic Sports Physical Therapy (1998-2004; President 1999, Vice President 1998 and 2000)

"I love PTLI’s vision and mission and am humbled to be joining the board. Decades of experience in professional entry level and residency education, and in a variety of clinical settings give me a broad perspective of the challenges we face as a profession. My leadership experiences have exposed me to the wonderful opportunities afforded by our association’s federated model, and to some of the associated frustrating challenges of such a model. What’s best for the public we serve drives my approach to problem solving and decision-making.  I have been a passionate advocate for our profession for decades and will bring that spirit to PTLI’s promise for challenging the status quo and driving innovation."

Educational Experience:

1977: BS Physical Therapy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1982: MS University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

1999: DHSc University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

2008: DPT, MGH Institute of Health Professions

PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Na

Nancy N. Byl, PT, MPH, PhD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Professor and Chair Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco, California, School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy

Physical  Therapy Professionals( PTP)  Reno Nevada

Professional Service Activities:

Chair ,Quality Practice, California Chapter

President PT Fund, California Chapter

Education Committee, California Chapter

Board of Trustees, Foundation for PT Research

Awards Committee, APTA

Professor, University of Nevada, Osher Learning Center

"I believe in the Mission of PTLI because it is focused on innovation in education across the continuum.  I support scholarship in teaching, learning and assessment as well as integration and transition of innovative ideas into action.   I support all of the core values of the PTLI but I  am especially interested in the PTLI serving as achange agent. I believe change comes from committed, directed, problem solvers who are willing to negotiate for agreement before processing to action. Being a change agent is also consistent with collaboration.  To be a good leader, it is essential to have good interpersonal skills and facilitate collaboration within the profession as well as outside the profession. As a Board member of the PTLI, I see my role as a consultant.  I have been a clinical preceptor, an educator, an academic program director and a clinical researcher who created a paradigm shift in the understanding of dystonia.  I served as a change agent within the School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco innovating a joint academic program in physical therapy which transitioned from a baccalaureate to a masters to a doctoral program while getting approval to create a new Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science."


Carol Davis, DPT, EdD, FAPTA.jpeg

Carol M. Davis, PT, DPT, MS, EdD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Professor Emerita, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Myofascial Release Physical Therapist, Integrated Physical Therapy and Wellness, North Miami, FL.

Professional Service Activities:

International lecturer and consultant on the structure and function of fascia and myofascial release

Physical Therapy Learning Insititute founding member and past vice chair and chair

Editorial Board, Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation

Instructor for Hope in Healthcare seminars, Brahma Kumaris Peace Village, NY

Consulting Editor, Slack, Inc.

"As a founding member of the PTLI, and as the recent vice chair and chair, I have held a deep-seated commitment to the work of this group seeing myself now primarily in the roles of motivator, influencer and driver of change.   It is through this small group of people that we helped inspire the inclusion of problem-based learning in many developing physical therapy curricula and worked with faculties to transform their curricula to entry at the clinical doctorate.  Having stepped down from leadership, I will add my energy and voice to help mentor and influence members to continue with the values and commitment of our founder, Dr. Geneva R. Johnson."


Susan S. Deusinger Board Member.jpg

Susan S. Deusinger, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Professor Emeritus, Washington University School of Medicine

Founder, Academic Health and Rehabilitation Consultant Services

Professional Service Activities:

American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (Board of Directors Member)

American Physical Therapy Association (Board f Directors Member, Executive Committee)

Missouri Physical Therapy Association (President and Chief Delegate)

Academy of Physical Therapy Education (formerly the Education Section) (President)

Journal of Physical Therapy Education (Editor)

Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (On-site Reviewer and Team Leader)

Therapeutic Horsemanship, St. Louis, MO  (Co-Founder)


​"The Mission of PTLI breathes an interest in change. As such, it is a living platform for becoming a seat of innovation to shape new visions of excellence in physical therapy education. I believe that acting on these visions can move the profession toward its aspiration to transform health through movement. As an independent entity, PTLI is in a unique position to craft new partnerships that unite leaders in physical therapy and higher education to act progressively. I envision an opportunity within PTLI to collect and synthesize diverse perspectives, develop networks that enable action and bring the vision of PTLI to fruition. I bring an enduring belief in the value of our profession, enthusiasm for new ideas and a history of leadership for change that I hope will contribute to the enormous store of talent already encumbered in the PTLI Board."

Geneva R. Johnson Forum Keynote: "The Voices of Physical Therapy Education: Orchestrating Timbre, Tempo, and Dynamics - Journal of Physical Therapy Education

Sharon Dunn.jpg

Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD

Current Employment/Position:

Professor and Dean, School of Allied Health Professions

LSU Health Shreveport

Shreveport, LA

Selected Professional Service Activities:

Past President, APTA

A history of service in PT advocacy, practice, and patient-centered progress

“My inspiration is to see the legacy of Geanie Johnson lived out through the academic leadership and professional service of those she mentored.”


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Ca

Caroline Goulet, PT, PhD, FNAP

Current Employment/Position:

Associate Provost, Health Professions

Founding Dean and Professor, School of Physical Therapy

University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX

Selected Professional Service Activities:

Physical Therapy Learning Institute – Secretary

Annual GRJ Forum on Innovation in Physical Therapy Education, Co-Chair

National Academies of Practice – Physical Therapy Academy, Vice-Chair

National Academies of Practice – Annual Forum and Meeting, Co-Chair

American Association University Women (AAUW) - International Fellowships Review Panel

Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland – Advisory Board Member

Marshall Law and Medical Services Magnet School – Advisory Board Member


​"I am humbled to be part of this group of leaders in physical therapy education who endeavor to challenge the status quo and drive innovation in physical therapy education, research and practice, following in the footsteps of Drs Geneva R. Johnson and Lynda Woodruff. I embrace the core values of collaboration, dialogue, diversity, equity and inclusion, excellence, innovation, learning and transformative change that permeate the work of the Physical Therapy Learning Institute".


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Je

Jennifer Green-Wilson, PT, MBA, EdD

Current Employment/Position:

Associate Professor, Healthcare Administration, SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY

Selected Professional Service Activities:

President PTLI

Delegate, APTA PA

Chair, Northwest District, APTA PA

Incoming Member-at-Large, APTA PA Executive Committee (2024)

Advisor, RM Barney Poole Leadership Academy, APTA GA

LAMP Leadership Committee, APTA Academy of Leadership and Innovation

LAMP School of Management Curriculum Committee, APTA Academy of Leadership and Innovation

Previous Director, APTA Board of Directors 

Previous Chair, Private Practice SIG, APTA PA

Previous Member, APTA Private Practice, Education Committee

"I am inspired to influence and lead change, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation at the grassroots level. I am passionate to develop our leadership capacity (one person at a time) at all levels of clinical practice and throughout our profession nationally and internationally."


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_La

Laurita M. Hack, DPT, MBA, PhD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Independent Consultant, Physical therapy research and education

Selected Professional Service Activities:

APTA: Vice Speaker, Secretary

Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association: Secretary, Treasurer, Delegate

Academy of Physical Therapy Education: President, Co-editor

Journal of Physical Therapy Education: Community Health Section: President; Health Policy and Legislation Section: President

"I am inspired to contribute to PTLI because I relish the opportunity to see the innovations Geanie Johnson has conceptualized move even further into use in physical therapy practice and education."


49th Mary McMillan Lecture: Wisdom and Courage: Doing the Right Thing




Greg Hartley, PT, DPT

Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist

Fellow, National Academies of Practice

Current Employment/Position:

Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Selected Professional Service Activities:

Dr. Hartley is currently the President of APTA’s Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy. Greg is the founding Program Director of the first APTA accredited geriatric residency in the U.S. He has been a member of the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education and its Accreditation Committee for more than 15 years and was Chair of this group twice. Greg also recently served as a member of APTA’s Best Practices in Clinical Education Task Force. He has been elected as a delegate to the APTA House of Delegates 11 times and has served on the Florida Physical Therapy Association Board of Directors and as its Practice Chair.

"Out of all the functions of a PTLI Board member, I see myself as someone who will challenge the status quo, and who embraces alternative models of PT education. I am inspired to contribute to PTLI because I am excited by the growth and maturation of the profession. I believe we have yet to realize our potential as a doctoring profession on the frontlines of modern healthcare. Changing the PT educational model (from professional through postprofessional) will play a role in actualizing this potential in future years. I believe PTLI can ignite positive disruption."   


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Ga

Gail M. Jensen, PhD, PT, FAPTA, FNAP

Current Employment/Position:

Dean, Graduate School and Vice Provost for Learning and Assessment
Professor of Physical Therapy, Creighton University


Professional Service Activities:
Member, APTA Ethics and Judicial Committee

Faculty/Higher Education module/APTA-Educational Leadership Institute

ELP outcomes strategy workgroup/panel chair for research

Chair and Board member, American Interprofessional Health Collaborative (AIHC)

Editorial Board for Journal of the Humanities in Rehabilitation

Higher Learning Commission/institutional accreditation (team chair, Institutional Actions Council, assessment mentor)

"The Physical Therapy Leadership Institution embodies the vision and work of those leaders who have come before us and upon whose shoulders we stand.   Dr. Geneva Johnson’s courage and deep commitment to the non-negotiable value for professional education at the graduate level was essential to transformative change in physical therapist education.   We must continue with that kind of vision and courage in physical therapist education.   In 1985 – Geanie said this in her McMillan –

 “ Changes in education are the key to full professional status.  Therefore, I expect that preparation for practice must include opportunities for student develop skill in the political process at all levels of government and in organizations; skill in negotiation, communication, and use of the computer; and knowledge in economics, accounting, behavioral sciences, the humanities, mathematics, the biological and physical sciences, pharmacology, medical sciences, and the science and art of physical therapy. “

We have more work to do!!!"


42nd Mary McMillan Lecture: Learning: What Matters Most



Geneva Johnson, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Geneva Johnson, PT, PhD, FAPTA, is a national leader in physical therapy education, thru her search of excellence in patient care, clinical research, clinical specialization, administration, staff development, and postgraduate education. Her main contribution to the advancement of the profession certainly was “to expect physical therapists to be responsible for their actions, to care about themselves and each other, to value their contributions to patient care, and to create their own futures”.1 She envisioned limitless possibilities for the profession and shared that vision with others. Dr Johnson’s leadership has been acknowledged over the years by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Mary McMillan Lecture Award and Catherine Worthingham Fellow (1985), the APTA Lucy Blair Service Award (1988), the Army Physical Therapy Program Outstanding Alumni Award (1994) and the APTA Pauline Cerasoli Education Award (2008). Most recently her legacy was recognized by the American Council for Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) who established the Geneva Johnson’s Annual Forum on Innovation in education.

Dr. Johnson served as a consultant for the development of the UIW School of Physical Therapy Problem-based Learning Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Her contributions include but are not limited to referring the Founding Dean to UIW Chancellor, sharing her vision for the School of Physical Therapy, consulting with the Dean on accreditation of developing DPT program and on development of problem-based curriculum, workshop for faculty on curriculum development, presentation to inaugural class of DPT students, gift of archival documents and books for the School of Physical Therapy Library, and establishment of a scholarship award for UIW DPT graduate.

20th Mary McMillan Lecture: Great Expectations: A Force in Growth and Change


KaiKennedy_board member.jpg

V. Kai Kennedy, PT, DPT

Current Employment/Position:

Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Equity, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, University of California, San Francisco, California

Professional Service Activities:

APTA: Nominating Committee

Academy for Leadership and Innovation: Director of Social Responsibility and Global Health

Academy of Physical Therapy Education: Board Member-at-Large for Section Promotion

Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Clinical Education in Physical Therapy: President

“I am inspired to contribute to PTLI because I believe that innovation in physical therapy education can be the catalyst for transformative physical therapy practice and research. PTLI is poised to model collaborative change-making that inspires future generations toward the pursuit of excellence across the physical therapy practice continuum and throughout the healthcare landscape.”


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Me

Merrill R Landers, PT, DPT, PhD

Current Employment/Position:

Chair and Professor, Cyrus Chung Ying Tang Foundation Research Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Integrated Health Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Professional Service Activities:

Education Leadership Institute Fellowship Work Group

Program Committee, American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT)

Awards Committee - Subcommittee on Publications, APTA

Editorial Board, Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy

Medical Advisory Board – Friends of Parkinson’s

"It is exciting to be a part of a forward thinking group of physical therapy educators with a goal to foster and inspire excellence and innovation in physical therapy education, research, and practice. While the PTLI Board Members have diverse backgrounds, ideas, and experience, we are unified in our desire toward excellence. I am personally inspired by this aspiration and also by the collective wisdom of my colleagues on the Board. Physical therapy education has come a long way and we owe much to the previous influencers of positive change in our profession. However, we should not be complacent. PTLI has taken up the charge to build on that momentum to ensure that the future of physical therapy reaches new heights."


Didi Matthews.jpg

Didi Matthews, PT, DPT

Current Employment/Position:

Associate Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy and Vice Chair of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, University of Southern California

Professional Service Activities:

ACAPT: Commissioner, National Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Commission

"As a board member of PTLI, I am excited to push forward the mission of challenging the status quo and driving innovation.  In the profession’s first 100 years, there has been significant change and growth to prepare for and remain responsive to the evolving needs of society.  This preparation and responsisveness will have to continue in order for physical therapy to be valuable to society a century from now.  I am excited, humbled, and honored to use my knowledge and experiences to help shape a path for the advancement of our profession."


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Ma

Marilyn Moffat, PT, DPT, PhD, DSc (hon), FAPTA

Geriatric Clinical Specialist

Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist

Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults

Certified ARC Responding to Emergencies

BoneFit™ Professional

Current Employment/Position:

New York University, Department of Physical Therapy, Professor of Physical Therapy


Professional Service Activities:

New York Physical Therapy Association (President, Board of Directors)

American Physical Therapy Association (President, Board of Directors)

World Confederation for Physical Therapy (President, Executive Committee)

Foundation for Physical Therapy (Board of Trustees, Vice-Chair, Member Executive Committee)

"The vision of PTLI “Leadership that challenges the status quo and ignites change to influence physical therapy education, research, and practice” coupled with one of its mission statements “Encourage leadership that motivates and influences dynamic change in academic and practice environments” best articulate the abiding foundations that brought this group together in its earliest days. Each of us throughout our physical therapy careers has challenged the status quo whether it be by taking a deep dive into unknown territory or by making a courageous, fearless choice that we hoped would be a keystone for educational change."


35th Mary McMillan Lecture: Braving New Worlds: To Conquer, to Endure


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Da

David M. Morris, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Professional Service Activities:

Morris is Training Coordinator for the UAB Training for Constraint induced (CI) Therapy Research Group program and conducts CI therapy training programs for rehabilitation professionals worldwide.  He has held multiple leadership roles in several APTA components including being a member of the founding Executive Committee and serving two terms as President for the APTA Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy. He also served three terms as Vice President and two terms as President for the Alabama Chapter of the APTA.

"I entered the physical therapy profession in 1983. Since that time, I have had the incredibly good fortune of multiple opportunities to learn from and be mentored by many accomplished physical therapy educators and researchers. I believe that the most important lesson coming from these experiences is that innovation and forward thinking are critical elements for moving our profession forward. The parts of the PTLI Vison that excite me the most are the opportunities to “collaborate” and “drive change” with a group of individuals who  have clearly demonstrated a passion for the physical therapy profession and competencies for promoting it. I anticipate many chances to contribute to PTLI driven change. However, as in the past, I also anticipate many personal growth opportunities from being part of the conversation."


Terry Nordstrom temp 2.jpg

Terry Nordstrom, PT, EdD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Professor Emeritus, Department of Physical Therapy, Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA

Professional Service Activities:

Mentor, Fellowship in Higher Education Leadership

Mentor, Grant Writing and Mentoring in Education Research

Finance Officer, Chapter Board, California Physical Therapy Association

Member, Diversity Affairs Committee, California Physical Therapy Association

"It is a privilege to serve with my colleagues on the PTLI Board. Every professional’s journey to becoming a member of the profession begins with physical therapy education and it is incumbent on all of us in the profession to advance education towards excellence. We must do all we can to ensure that graduates and practicing clinicians can meet the needs of all people have access to physical therapy to sustain health and well-being, particularly people who have been historically marginalized in our society."


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Ru

Rupal M Patel, PT, PhD

Current Employment/Position:

Associate Professor, School of Physical Therapy, Texas Woman’s University, Houston, Texas

2019-2020 Professional Service Activities:

Chair, APTA Nominating Committee

Chair, Advocacy & Consumer Affairs Committee, ANPT

Chair, Bylaws Committee, Texas Physical Therapy Association

Member, APTA Staff Workgroup on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Member, Publications Committee, HPA The Catalyst; Texas Delegate to APTA House of Delegates

Mentor for Pro Bono Incubator Grant Program, Move Together, Inc.

"Out of all the functions of a PTLI Board member, I see myself as an innovator, a driver of change, and an advocate. I believe in fostering innovate dialogue to bring differing viewpoints together. As a driver of change, I believe that questioning and challenging the status quo can lead to transformative change in PT education and practice. Finally, I am an advocate who strives to build a community that values diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that I do."


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_St

Steven Tepper, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

President, Rehab Essentials, Inc.

"Being involved with an online educational company, I see that our companies mission matches up very closely with PTLI’s Mission.  We both are trying to deliver excellence in education in a cost-effective way for both students and clinicians.  Being a business owner, I certainly try to “transform innovative ideas into action” and bring them to life.  Being part of such a noble profession, using our hands, our hearts and our minds, it is for me rather easy to do this.  But change is never easy and since culture eats strategy for lunch, bringing many talented people together hopefully helps with this process."


PTLI Board Member Picture for Website_Ba

Barbara A. Tschoepe PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA

Current Employment/Position:

Rise to the Top Consulting, Faculty Rehab Essentials

Dean Emerita, Regis University School of Physical Therapy

Professional Service Activities:

Previous President PTLI

ACAPT Leadership Development Oversight Committee (LDOC) and Past ACAPT roles: Board Secretary, Benchmark Taskforce co-chair, CAPTE Liaison, CAPTE Site Team Leader

Board member of the Argyle Senior Living Center, Denver Co.


"As President of PTLI, I am committed to our Mission and Vision. It reminds us and shares with others our reason for being, who we want to be and what we want to accomplish.  My longstanding passion (as a physical therapist) has been to “Challenge the Status Quo.”  I (firmly) believe that we must continue to (learn,) improve and strive for excellence.  My endless energy to lead, foster innovation and create solutions, comes from asking “why or why not,” and to strive even more to improve whatever the situation.  I am one who is not comfortable with who we are as a profession today and believe that our education and practice have amazing potentials to collectively grow to have an even greater impact on the health of others in the future.  It takes courage, disruption, and gathering talented individuals together like my colleagues on this Board to create opportunities that can transform ideas into actions.  Each gives me inspiration to IGNITE change to influence education, research and practice with a nimbleness and flexibility like few other groups can around us.   

How can we as a group not have this Vision, when our Founder, Dr. Geneva R. Johnson, had a Vision well ahead of her time as she was the first to challenge us with her belief, “….. all physical therapists should have a professional doctoral degree to better serve our patients.” So, let’s continue to lead the way, challenge the status quo and support all to become the best that we can collectively be (as movement system experts)!!!"


PTLI Board Member Photo for Website_VanH

Lisa VanHoose, PT, PhD, MPH, FAAPTA, FAPTA

Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Oncologic Physical Therapy

Current Employment/Position:

Associate Professor and Program Director, University of Louisiana Monroe

Professional Service Activities:

American Physical Therapy Association

  • Member, Diversity and Inclusion Staff Workgroup 2018- Present

  • President, Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy, 2012-2016

  • Member, Essential Resources Strategy Meeting, 2019-Present

American Academy of Physical Therapy

  • Executive Coordinator, 2016-2018

"PTLI allows me to interact and learn from so many leaders within our profession. The organization also provides a platform to express thoughts and refine those thoughts into future action items within a safe, but challenging environment."


Kimberly Varnado_board member(1).jpg

Kimberly Varnado, PT, DPT, DHSc, FAAOMPT

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Emeritus; Graduate of the APTA Fellowship in Higher Education Leadership Program

Current Employment/Position:

Founding Program Director, Associate Professor, College of Saint Mary Hybrid DPT Program, Omaha, NE

Independent Consultant:  Accreditation, Hybrid Program Development, and Creating Inclusive Learning Communities

Professional Service Activities:

APTA Fellowship in Higher Education Leadership Program, Mentor

American Council of Academic Physical Therapy, Board Member

Arizona Physical Therapy Association, Delegate

APTA DEI Committee

“I am inspired to contribute to PTLI because I believe in the mission, which has greatly influenced my development as an inclusive learning community leader. In addition, the concepts I have learned from attending the Geneva R. Johnson Forums have broadened my perspective of the unlimited possibilities for innovation in PT education.“



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