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Using Improvement Science to Promote Belonging for Minoritized Health Sciences Students

Keshrie  Naidoo, PT, DPT, EdD & Camille Powell PT, DPT, NCS.

The Importance of Representation in Clinical Education: The Student Perspective

Megan  Hotchkiss, PT, DPT & Kayleigh Plumeau, PT, DPT

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Students’ Perceptions of Factors Contributing to DEI Awareness Following a DPT Program: A Qualitative Study

Brianna Chesser, Kristen Keyes, Maddison Misiak, Kaitlyn Reed, Barb Hoogenboom

What We Have in Common: Using the Humanities for Interdisciplinary Essential Conversations with Caregivers

Melissa Scales, PT, DPT, PCS & Kim Stokes, PA; Monica Burney, LCSW

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Entry level DPT Student Struggles and Uncertainties during 1st Full-time Clinical Experience

Rebecca Bliss, Dana Martin, & Stephanie Miller

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