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The Effects of Simulation Education in Student Self-Assessment for Professional Behaviors

Leiselle Pilgrim

Student wellness during curriculum implementation of a lifestyle medicine approach within the Social-Ecological Model: a longitudinal study

Betsy Becker

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Christina Bickley, PT, PhD, BOCO, NDT.jpg

Students’ Perceptions of Virtual Dissection Table in Gross Anatomy Lab Teaching and Learning

Christina Bickley, PT, PhD, BOCO, NDT

Optimizing Learner Benefit: An Innovative Shift from Summative to Formative Comprehensive Assessments

Stephen Jernigan, PT, PhD, FNAP & Scarlett Morris, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS

PTLI Award Stephen Jernigan PT, PhD, FNAP Morris.jpg

Students’ Perception of Servant Leadership by PT faculty Mentors is Associated with Inter professional Socialization

Brad Willis, PT, PhD

How an Innovative Virtual Service Learning Module Impacts Cognitive Development in Physical Therapy Students

Ann Golub-Victor

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Community Wellness Program Re-Imagined for Sustainability, Interprofessional Education, and Enhanced Student Learning

Jaclyn Carson, PT, DPT

Alignment of the CIET to the Dreyfus Model to Assess Clinical Reasoning Skill Acquisition

Allison Durham, Evan Petersen, Tricia Prokop, & Stephanie Thurmond

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The Impact of #GRExit on Diversity in DPT Admissions

Erin Riley PT, DPT and Laura Driscoll PT, DPT

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