APTA Combined Sections Meeting 2020 - Denver, Colorado

A Model for a Student-Led Elective in the DPT Curriculum

Mahlon K. Stewart, PT, DPT, Tessia De Mattos, SPT and Samantha Dena Vargas, PT, DPT

Effect of an Interprofessional Teaching Clinic on Student Development: A Qualitative Assessment

Whitney Meyer, Samantha Nicolle Grimsley, SPT, Kathryn Magness, Brier Skogsberg, Ryan Smith, Richelle Weese, Brandy Pate, Alicia Landry, Christopher Ryan and Chad Ian Lairamore, PT, PhD

Leadership Behaviors and Goals of Physical Therapists in a Fellowship Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Program

Alice M. Davis, PT, DPT, Emily Kristi Ponte, SPT, Clarissa Freeman, SPT, Taylor Rizzo Tso, SPT, Rachael McConney, SPT, Robert J. McKay, SPT, Cameron W. MacDonald, PT, DPT and Heidi Johnson Eigsti, PT, DPT, PhD

A Pro-Bono Student-Led Back-School for Uninsured Nevadans, a Service-Learning Project Described

Javier Ascanio, SPT, EMT-B, Sofia Cruz, SPT, Lauren Liebert, SPT, Trevor Pacuk, SPT, Tiffany Barrett, PT, DPT and Keoni Mark Kins, PT, DPT, ATC

Incorporating Entrepreneurship in a Professional Physical Therapy Program

Michael D. Markee, PT and Chris Anne Sebelski, PT, DPT, PhD

Comparison between the Traditional and Modified Online and Laboratory Learning in Clinical Neuroscience Course

Kevin Robert Kunkel, PT, MSPT, PhD, Arvie C. Vitente, PT, DPT, MPH and Tatiana Godoy Bobbio

Can Student Self-Reflection Improve? Exploring the Implementation of a Guided Self-Reflective Intervention

Rebecca Ann Bliss, PT, DPT, DHSc, Sara Ann Scholtes, PT, DPT, PhD, Stephen Tyler Shultz, PT, DPT, Gail M. Jensen, PT, PhD, FAPTA and Christopher Gillette