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Academic Achievement in Foundational Anatomy Course Differs According to DPT Students’ Learning and Study Strategies

Stephanie Hughes, PT, DPT & Jenise Engelke, PT, DPT

Determining the Optimal Length of Clinical Education Experiences: Key Stakeholders Perspectives

Mitch Wolden, Cindy Flom-Meland; Lori N Gusman; Elsa Drevyn; & Christine McCallum

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Aaron Hartstein.jpeg

Metacognitive Awareness Among Doctor of Physical Therapy Students: A Mixed-Methods Investigation

Aaron Hartstein, PT. DPT, PhD; Dominic Barrette, PT, DPT; Michael Chicarella, PT, DPT; & Andrea Fergus, PT, PhD

The (Un)grading Approach in a Capstone Course: Is the Master Adaptive Learner in our Sights?

Meghan Hernandez & Tamera Struessel

Meghan TB Hernandez, PT, DPT, PCS and Tami Struessel.jpg
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How much value do physical therapy clinicians place on affective domain skills during clinical experiences?

Camilla Christopher & Brian Maloney

Task and Relationship Based Conflict Between Student Physical Therapists and Clinical Instructors During Clinical Education

Megan Moran 

Megan W. Moran, PT, DPT, EdD.jpg
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PT CIs Perceptions on Factors that Influence Their Decision to Accept an SPT

Ryan Pontiff, Peggy Gleeson, Katy Mitchell, & Rupal Patel

A Roadmap to Sustainability: Introducing the Key Competencies in Sustainability to Physical Therapy Professional Education

Nathan Brown, Kathy Zalewski, & Marcus Lewis

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